Appointments 0191 385 2882

If you have access to the internet, appointments can be made 24/7 using Patient Access – please ask at reception for further details………..

 Routine Appointments

We aim to offer all patients an appointment within 48 hrs. If you need a  routine appointment please ring at  8am and we will offer you an appointment  for that day if possible or for the following day.

 Pre Bookable Appointments

We appreciate that some patients prefer to book in advance and therefore we offer pre bookable appointments which can be arranged up to six weeks in advance. There may be a wait for the next available appointment if you wish to see a particular doctor.  To arrange a pre-bookable appointment, please phone after 10am.

 Urgent Appointments

If you require an urgent appointment please let the receptionist know. The receptionist will then arrange for you to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Please always attend your appointment on time and if you are unable to keep your appointment then please remember to call us as soon as possible. By doing this, you will be helping us to make more appointments available for you and other patients.

Please ask the reception staff for further advice on the appropriate appointment.


  Evening and Saturday Morning Appointments

We currently offer a number of evening and Saturday morning appointments which we hope will be helpful for working patients or those patients who rely on working carers to bring them to the surgery.  However, owing to reallocation of funds, from 1 April 2017 this will cease and our patients will be offered evening and weekend appointments at another location which has yet to be confirmed.  We will keep our patients informed of this via this website and throughout our reception.


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