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MARCH 2014


At the beginning of 2013 we agreed as a Practice that we would like to set up a Patient Participation Group.  The aim of this was to improve communication between the Practice Team and the wider community and to seek patients’ views so that these might be taken into account when deciding how we deliver existing services or develop new services.  We advertised both the in the Practice and on our New Patient Registration Forms. This only provided a very limited response. The Practice then went on to approach individual patients from under represented groups to ensure that our Patient Participation Group was as far as possible representative of the Practice population as a whole.


We currently have twenty five members, fifteen women and ten men, between the ages of 17 and 77 of different ethnicities.  We have a mixture of working and retired patients.  We also have representation from patients with long term health conditions, patients who have Carer responsibilities and patients with dependent children at home.  The Patient Participation Group is open to all and we continue to gather new members.


In the early part of the year we distributed leaflets in surgery asking patients to comment briefly on areas that they might like to be included in our local Practice Survey . We held a meeting of the PPG on 12 November 2013 and considered the responses.  It was agreed that our Practice Survey should concentrate on access and exploring patients’ current awareness of our opening times.  A smaller group met to design the survey and agree the final questions.  The survey was then e-mailed to the rest of the group for approval. 


Our survey was conducted over two weeks in January, postal surveys were sent out to 200 patients aged 17 – 85 and a further 400 surveys were distributed by volunteers in the surgery.  In total we received 293 responses.  The preliminary results were shared with the PPG at our meeting in February 2014.  The final results were shared with the Practice Team at our Practice Development Meeting at the end of February and the PPG met again at the beginning of March to discuss the final results and agree an Action Plan with the Practice. 


The survey results were shared electronically with the PPG and have been uploaded to our website. A paper copy is available from reception.  We are also happy to e-mail copies on request.


We were very pleased with the level of response to our survey and on reviewing the responses it was agreed that no major issues had been identified.  91% of patients were very or fairly satisfied with the care they were receiving and 99% would recommend the surgery to someone who had just moved to the local area. 


There were, however, some areas where need for improvement was identified and we hope we will be able to address these in our Action Plan for the coming year. 


1          You Said:


In Question 20 it became clear that there is a great deal of confusion about the current opening times in the surgery.  We had a number of comments about the lack of evening appointments and Saturday mornings, although we are actively participating in the Extended Opening. 


            What We Will Do:


We have agreed to display our opening times more prominently on the screen in reception, will update the website to clarify our extended opening hours, and advertise our opening hours in a news letter.  The practice will also explore the cost of a sign that could be erected externally to show our opening times.


2          You Said:


In Question 10, 25% of patients found in quite difficult to make an appointment by telephone and a number of the additional comments mentioned that ringing at 8am was frustrating and inconvenient.


            What We Will Do:


In April we will trial a system for booking appointments where by some appointments will be opened for booking from 1pm the day before and we hope that this will allow those patients who need to be seen urgently on the day still to have access on the day but will reduce the pressure on the lines at 8am.  We will encourage use of our on-line appointment booking and canceling system which is available 24hrs a day as it is perceived by all patients who have used it as an easy way to book appointments.


3          You Said:


The calling board in poorly situated in reception as when patients are standing at reception, seated patients are unable to see their name when it is displayed.


            What We Will Do:


We will invest in a new flat screen system which we hope can be sited at a better location within the waiting room and should be able to display more detailed information regarding Practice services to patients in the waiting room.


4          You Said:


Doctors names should be displayed in reception, possibly with an in and out display.  There seems to be a lot of coming and going with GPs.


            What We Will Do:


We are a training practice.  We are involved in the training of fully qualified doctors who have chosen to specialize in General Practice and they will be attached to the Practice for six months.  We are also committed to offering experience to junior doctors from other specialties in order that they may understand the roles of general practice.  These Foundation 2 doctors rotate through the surgery every four months.  We understand that this can be confusing to patients, although the core practice team of partners has been very stable over many years.  We will display the names and photographs of our current practice team in reception, including our current attached doctors in training.


A huge thank you to all who took part in our survey whether designing, implementing or responding to it.  We are very grateful for your comments and ideas; they have great value in helping to improve the service we offer.  If you have any thoughts on our proposed Action Plan or would like to join our Patient Participation Group, we would welcome your involvement so please get in touch with our Practice Manager, Joan Moseby.





Monday          8am                            6pm

Tuesday         8am                            6pm

Wednesday   8am                            6pm

Thursday        8am – 12.00              1.30pm – 6pm

Friday             8am – 12.30              1.30pm – 6pm


Also:   Saturday                                 9am – 12noon (alternative weeks)

            Tuesday                                 6pm – 7pm (alternative weeks)*

            Wednesday                           6pm – 7pm (alternative weeks)*


*Our evening surgeries are dependent upon the Practice GP rota system and may not necessarily be alternative Tuesdays and Wednesdays, however we do hold an evening surgery weekly which will be either on a Tuesday or Wednesday.




By telephone: Appointments                        0191 385 2882

                                    Home Visits                           0191 385 2898

                                    Prescriptions (after 11am)   0191 385 2898

                                    Enquiries                                0191 385 2898



Via Internet:  EMIS ACCESS


Patients must request a personal log in and ID from reception to be able to use this facility.  Once this has been arranged appointments and prescriptions can be requested 24hrs a day.


Practice Website:

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