Patient Participation Report 2014-2015

REPORT 2014- 2015

Grangewood Surgery has an active Patient Participation Group (PPG) which was set up in the beginning of 2013 and meets regularly throughout the year. Patients are invited to join on new patient registration forms. The meetings are advertised both on our website and on the big screen within the reception. It is made clear that all patients are welcome to attend the meetings. The Practice has also approached on patients on an individual basis to join the PPG particularly where we feel that their contribution in representing the views of under representative groups would be of value.

We currently have 20 members, 12 women and 8 men between the ages of 18 and 74 of different ethnicities. We have a mixture of working, unemployed and retired patients. We have representation from patients with long term health conditions, carer responsibilities and patients with dependent children at home.

Review of Patient Feedback

Over the last twelve months we have reviewed feedback from the NHS Choices Website. We looked and the National GP Patient Survey from 2014 during our meeting in November and then looked at the newly published GP National Survey in our meeting in January 2015. We have also reviewed feedback from our suggestions box on the front desk. We also put tear off strips on the final page of our PPG Newsletter inviting comments about the progress against last year’s action plan. These responses have also been reviewed. We have reviewed the responses from December and January’s Friends and Family Test.

Action Plan Priority Areas

Three areas were identified .

We looked at the support offered to Carers within the Practice and as a result the Practice worked jointly with the PPG and Sunderland Carer’s Centre to host an in-house event during National Carer’s week .We offered a written invitation to all the practices registered carers . We had lots of information posted about the role of a carer .This allowed a number of new Carers to identify themselves .The event raised awareness of the challenges faced by carers and the support available from the Practice and other local agencies.

The second area for action was identified following comments in the first GP National Survey. Some patients had concerns about being overheard at the front desk. It was agreed that the design of the waiting room was quite difficult to adjust to eradicate this, however a small room off reception was available for patients who wish to speak to the receptionist confidentially and it was agreed the Practice would improve signage to make patients aware that this facility was available.

The third area for action which was identified was improving information provided to patients by the Practice. The practice have purchased a large screen television for the waiting room which provides health information, however we also have been able to post information about practice services, practice opening times, photographs of the individual doctors. We have been able to advertise our PPG and meetings and continue to work with the PPG to look at other information which might be helpful to patients.

We also noted that the information in the existing Patient Information Leaflet provided by the Practice was now out of date due to changes to services and staff. Therefore it was agreed that the Practice would work with the PPG to design and print a new leaflet and this has been done; the leaflet is currently with the printers.

Practice’s Progress Against Areas Identified in Action Plan

The Practice’s progress against the areas identified in the Action Plan was discussed at the PPG meeting on 25 February and it was agreed that all the areas in the action plan had successfully been completed except the Patient Information Leaflet which at that stage was still in its final draft awaiting agreement to go the printers, however this has been agreed and signed off since that meeting.

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