Minutes March 2014

Held on
Grangewood Surgery

AGENDA: The agenda for this meeting was accepted without modification.


The minutes from the meeting of 11 February were read and approved without modification.


Dorothy once again summarized the survey design for the benefit of members of the group that were not present at our previous meeting.

Julie commented that the lower limit of the age range was 17 for this survey and wondered whether we have considered the views of young people using the service. Dr Gray acknowledged that although there are many young people and children using the service, the majority of those may have their appointments made for them by a parent or guardian from whom the views were gleaned. However, she acknowledged for future surveys, perhaps the age range should be lowered to 16.

Arthur asked whether there were any national standards to compare the survey with. Dr Gray explained that the National Patient Survey covered many of these areas and was performed externally on an annual basis and that the results were on the NHS Choices website. The Practice performance during this survey could be compared with practices both locally and nationally, however as this was a local patient survey it was not felt necessary to include national standards for each question.

The final results of the survey were reviewed and it was agreed that the final results seemed to be consistent with our preliminary results which were discussed at the last meeting. No major issues were identified. 99% of the patients surveyed would recommend the surgery to someone who had just moved to the local area and although there were some suggestions for improvement these were outweighed in number by positive comments which were reassuring. However, there were some issues which were raised where it was felt that practice could improve:
• Many patients found that phoning at 8am was inconvenient and it was felt that the process of phoning at 8am was often difficult and time consuming.
• Many patients were unclear about the surgery open times.
• Many patients were not aware that the surgery was providing extended access
• Very few patients were visiting the practice website.
• Some patients were no aware that we are a training practice and were confused by the frequent change of GPs
• There were comments about the position of the LED board in reception which was difficult for some patients to view.

Dr Gray stated that she had discussed this with the Practice Team and they felt that the survey had highlighted some areas which the Practice were already aware of but finding it difficult to address, particularly the appointment system, but it had also shown some interesting issues which was felt could be very easily rectified:

• Dr Gray stated that the positioning of the LED had been a pragmatic one as due to issues with cabling and the mechanics of the automatic doors, it wasn’t possible to site it in a more convenient position on that wall. After discussion with the group it was agreed that the practice would consider purchasing a flat screen display which could be sited in a position in reception which was easier for all patients to view. It was hoped that this could be used to provide up to date information about opening times, doctors’ usual days of work, the doctors on duty each day and the doctors in training who were currently attached to the practice.
• Dr Gray stated that the practice were willing to trial a new system of appointments once the new computer system was running where by a number of appointments would be opened up at 1pm the day before, which would take the pressure off the 8am system and hopefully improve the patients experience of booking appointments. The PPG agreed they would monitor the effects of these changes and attempt to feed this back to the practice later in the year.

Julie asked about any progress the practice had made in terms of considering a presence with social media. Dr Gray said it had been discussed but it was felt that to maintain a practice facebook page or an account on twitter, would involve considerable administration time in monitoring the site and there was also the potential for patients to break their own confidentiality. Dr Gray also pointed out that social media sites were always developing and that it might prove difficult for the surgery to keep abreast of these changes.

Dr Gray agreed that the Practice Survey and Practice Survey Report would be uploaded to the practice website by the end of the month and that paper copies of the survey results would be made available at reception at the patient’s request.


Dorothy had attended the recent Coalfields Forum Meeting but have yet to receive copies of the minutes and it was agreed that this would be discussed and fed back at the next meeting.


It was discussed that the Practice is currently involved in attempting to improve its service for Carers and the group agreed that it would like to support the Practice in having an event to raise awareness of the services available for Carers and that if possible it would be nice if this could coincide with National Carers’ Week in June. It was therefore agreed that this will be discussed further at our next meeting.

Agenda: Practice Carers’ Awareness Event

(If you would like any other issues to be added to the next agenda, please e-mail Dorothy or Mike.

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