Minutes of PPG May 2014

Held on
13 May 2014 at Grangewood Surgery

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:- The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and it was agreed that they were accurate and did not require amendment.

SUNDERLAND CARERS CENTER:- Gina Smith attended this evening from the Sunderland Carers Centre and gave a brief presentation explaining her role at the Centre and the services and support which were currently being offered to Carers in our Practice. We had a general discussion about the definition of the carer, the numbers of carers we would expect to be registered with our practice and the support the practice was offering to patients who had been identified as carers. We discussed that people do not often recognise themselves in the role of a carer and that even children as young as four may have a caring role within the family.

We agreed that the PPG would like to work with the practice to raise awareness of the help available to carers as part of National Carers Week in June. Mike brought with him material from the Carers Centre which we could use in the Practice including leaflets, copies of the newsletters and information packs. Gina Smith has agreed to attend the Practice for one morning during Carers week to be on hand to answer queries from our patients and also to talk informally with our registered carers. Dr Gray agreed that the practice would write to our current carers inviting them along to the event. It was agreed we would try and produce a stand of information within the waiting room area. Dr Gray said that she would see if it was possible to set up a computer monitor on the reception desk which could display a power point presentation which Mike has brought from the Carers Centre during the entire week and also in the days running up to Carers week.

Gordon felt he might have a stand which we could use to display the information.

MATTERS ARISING FROM LAST MEETING:- Carol stated that she had discussed the issue of a flat screen display in reception with the other partners and this practice had sought a quote for the screen and the software, which had been received. Further enquiries were currently underway to ascertain whether the screen could be ceiling mounted to provide more flexibility in terms of the site within reception.

The practice had not yet explored the option of a sign outside with opening times. Dr Gray stated this was mainly due to workload as the substantial IT changes in the practice since the last meeting had taken priority. However, she will report back on this at the next meeting.

COALFIELDS FORUM:- Dorothy attended the recent Coalfields Forum Meeting and fed back a brief summary of the minutes to the group. The two issues currently being considered by the Forum are the Coalfields Care Home Pilot and the new proposals for Community Integrated Teams. Dorothy and Carol are both attending events and the Stadium of Light this week which gives further information about the community integrated teams and will feed this back to the group at the next meeting.

Dorothy noted that other PPGs have more than one representative at the Coalfields Meeting and the invitation to attend was offered up to the rest of the group. Mike has already agreed to attend the next meeting and Marie stated that she would also be interested. Dorothy will arrange to send on details of the minutes and the next meeting to them both.

It was agreed that once the Carers Event had been completed, we should meet after the summer to discuss progress on the flat screen television.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING :- provisionally Tue 2 September 2014.

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