March 2016


8 MARCH 2016


 Minutes of last meeting were read. It was agreed that they were accurate and no amendments were required and no matters arising from the previous minutes.

We welcomed our new members to the group.

Lynn Thompson (NHS North Commissioning Support Unit) and Paul Gibson (Sunderland CCG) gave a presentation regarding the local digital road map project to glean views from the group. We agreed in principle that this was likely to improve services to patients. Dr Gray discussed some of the local Telehealth projects and Mr Rocynzki shared his experience of the use of text and Facetime in South Africa in an area where broadband connections were poor.  Some concerns were raised about adequate Data Protection with the increased use of digital means to change patients engagement with services.

CQC report on the surgery inspection

We discussed the recent surgery CQC report which has rated our surgery as good across all areas with Outstanding identified in the area of Clinical Audit. It was agreed that the group felt they would like to formally thank the Practice staff for their hard work in the preparation for the CQC inspection and for the work that had been done by the Practice to ensure that our services are safe and effective.  Dorothy agreed that she would email a letter of thanks to Dr Gray who would then cascade this to all the Practice staff.

Report from the Coalfield Group meeting of 8 February and the Integrated Team conference on 25 February

Dorothy attended the Community Integrated Team conference and reported that there had been lots of positive feedback anecdotally about patient’s experiences in response to the new Community Integrated Teams. However she did comment that it seemed very soon, four months into the project to present this as a success as there was yet to be any hard data on outcomes.  She felt that there had been insufficient opportunity for challenging questions during this conference.  She had been able to speak to the floor voicing her concerns.


We now have a new call in system and check in screen at the desk which has been provided by the CCG. There were a number of points raised regarding the information on the big screen.  The group felt that they would like to have the photos of the doctors put back on, that there was a strap line of news on the bottom of the screen but that appeared to be out of date.  The doctors were not mentioned on the screen calling you in but simply the room number which the group felt might lead to confusion.  One patient mentioned that the vocal announcement of the room number on one occasion did not appear to tally with the room number displayed on screen. Dr Gray has agreed to feed these issues back to our Practice IT staff.  She reassured the group that these issues should be simple to resolve as the new system had only been in place for less than a week and we were yet to fully explore its capabilities.

There is a meeting on 16 March regarding supporting PPG’s and this recognises that many Practices have found it difficult to gather members and have an active PPG. Gordon commented that in his personal experience when trying to recruit volunteers a personal and direct approach was often very useful and Dr Gray agreed that when we set up the PPG this was one strategy which had been used by the Practice. Arthur and Mike will be attending the meeting.

Next meeting will be 10 May at Grangewood Surgery 6pm.

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