November 2016



Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed, it was agreed that they were accurate and they were signed off by Dorothy.

Matters arising from the last minutes

Dr Gray confirmed that she had written to the CCG on behalf of the PPG in regards to the concerns expressed about the big screen TV and although she had received a response and an offer to speak to her in person she has been unable to contact the person involved.  Dorothy agreed that she would write again and pursue this issue.

New members

As discussed last time it was agreed that a coffee morning might be very useful as a way of advertising the PPG and encouraging new members to join. However it was agreed as the main target group were younger patients possibly with children that the lead up to Christmas was unlikely to be an appropriate time to do this. It was agreed that we would consider this in the spring.  However the Practice would send Christmas cards to all the existing members of the PPG thanking them for their contribution and reminding them that the meetings were still ongoing.  Dr Gray agreed to action this.

Patient Survey 2017

We discussed the format for a patient survey for 2017. It was generally agreed that the large survey we undertook initially was duplicating much of the information gathered in the GP national patient survey which is done twice a year.  We decided that a smaller more focused survey might be more useful.  We discussed some suggestions about areas which we might like to survey including the Urgent Care Pathway Out of Hours and  the information  displayed on the Jayex screen.  Dr Gray agreed that she would liaise with Vanessa and the other partners to clarify if there were any areas where  the Practice were keen to to ascertain patient views and it was agreed that Dorothy, Mike and Carol would meet up in January for a brief working group to draw up some areas for the survey.

Date of next meeting

21 March 6pm

Brief minutes from the small group meeting on 13/1/16


Feedback from discussion with Practice Manager :

Two areas were identified

  1. New telephone system . As telephone access is included in the GP national survey due to be published soon we agreed we would await the results to decide if further information required
  2. She was keen to look at online access to appointments and prescribing as although this service is available we still have a low take up from patients.  We discussed some of the reasons for this.  It was agreed that we would look at the baseline level of online access at the beginning of January as a starting point .The Practice are including the information in all letters sent from the Practice to advertise the service to patients.  It was agreed that we would put the information regarding this on the big screen or look at any information the CCG had added automatically to the big screen to give it better prominence.  After a period of increased advertising we would review numbers.  The end of of March seemed to be reasonable time to review this.  It was agreed if increased advertising did not improve uptake we might need to explore whether there were  other barriers to patients registering,eg  whether the registration process was too complex. It was agreed it might even be useful to survey the patients currently using the service to glean some views on their experience.
  3.  We also discussed whether the Practice might want to send information via email to patients about Practice services as an alternative means of communication.  Dr Gray agreed that she would discuss with Vanessa the practicalities of dong this from an IT perspective.
  4. Dr Gray also discussed the Patient Information leaflet which will be due for a new print run and advised we will be updating the staff details.  However it was agreed that currently the other information remains up to date.

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