June 2017



Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed, it was agreed they were accurate and they were signed off by Dorothy.

Matters arising from the last minutes

Jayex TV Screen

Dr Gray and Vanessa have had a meeting with representatives of the CCG to discuss the difficulties with the Jayex screen. They conceded there were problems with some of the content particularly how easy it was to read.  However we were told that as the content was received from lots of different organisations there were inherent difficulties in making changes.  We were advised that we would be given more space on the loop to use for the surgery’s own material and that training would be forthcoming.  However no further progress has been made since then.  Dorothy and Mike felt that having viewed the material on display while they were waiting to come into the meeting that they were still unhappy about the clarity of the content and agreed to draft a letter to the CCG.

New members

Dr Gray confirmed that Christmas cards had gone out to all existing members to thank them for their contribution to the PPG over 2016. Although the Practice were advertising for new members this did not seem to be affective as we had not recruited any new members recently.  It was felt younger patients were under represented.  Dr Gray agreed to investigate putting information on the sign in screen.  It was considered on changing the position of posters advertising the PPG to a more prominent position in the Practice might be useful.

New arrangements for extended access

Dr Gray explained that the Practice were no longer involved in the extended access scheme to provide appointments in the evenings and Saturday mornings as they are working together with other Practices in the Coalfields to develop a new service to provide routine appointments out of hours which hope to provide a broader choice of appointments for patients and will come on line in due course.

Progress towards online appointments and prescription access

The Practice now has 9% of its patients actively using the online system although many more are signed up but not actively using it. It was agreed that numbers who are registered are gradually increasing so measures taken by the Practice to improve awareness seems to be affective.  However it was agreed that not everyone will choose to use the system as they may prefer more traditional means of booking appointments and prescriptions if they are familiar with this system.

Reprinting of the updated surgery leaflet

Dr Gray provided a copy of the text of the new patient leaflet. The group felt that the section on the Patient Participation Group should be edited as they felt the content was very dry and unlikely to attract new members. Dr Gray agreed to rewrite this and send a draft out for consultation.

Any other business

Dr Gray reported that the national patient survey which was previously conducted twice a year had changed to an annual process. The next report for the Practice is due in July and it was agreed we would review this in our next meeting to look at themes we may wish to take forward in our own patient survey.

Date of next meeting – September 11 2017

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