September 2017


Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and it was agreed that they were accurate and they were signed off by Dorothy.

Matters arising from the last minutes

A letter has been sent to the CCG jointly signed off by the Practice and the Patient Participation Group once again expressing concerns about the lack of progress in improving the clarity of the information on the Jayex screen in Reception. Rachel and Charlotte however felt that the information was easy to read and understand and we conceded that problems experienced by some of the Group might not reflect the views of all patients.

New members

Dr Gray has put information on the sign on screen and changed the position of posters advertising the PPG as previously agreed.

New arrangements for extended access

Dr Gray advised the Group that the new system was now up and running. There were appointments available to book through the Practice for extended access appointments in 5 different locations across the City.  This system has been live now from the beginning of the month and the Practice were beginning to book patients in. It was advised that patients would be seen by a local GP who would have access to their medical records and it was hoped that this would be extended to further hours.

Printing the updated surgery leaflet

Dr Gray confirmed that the changes to the draft had been made and that the Practice was currently looking for quotes to print a batch of leaflets. Dr Gray agreed that the Practice would contact Arthur who had arranged the printing of the previous leaflet for a quote.

GP National Patient Survey

Dr Gray brought along the results of the most recent survey which was published in July 2017. It was agreed that the Practice had performed well against National benchmark standards across almost all the indicators.  However there remained concerns about ease of getting through to the surgery by telephone and Dr Gray explained that the Practice were trying to mitigate these problems by adjustments to the algorithms on the telephone system to ensure that patients were put through to the right place. We were  also trying  to increase the number of patients accessing appointments and prescriptions on line which would free up telephone lines during the day.  It was generally agreed that as this was a recurrent issue that it might be an area that the Patient Participation Group could include in a local survey to try and glean more specific feedback about the problems which were being encountered by patients.

Local survey

It was agreed we would discuss this in some detail at the next meeting in December but Dorothy felt that local views regarding the Jayex screen and telephone access might be the most likely areas requiring further information and survey.

Path to Excellence

Mike and Dorothy have recently attended a Patient Consultation regarding proposed changes in the organisation of secondary care services across Sunderland and South Shields. Dr Gray briefly explained the rationale for these changes.  Mike and Dorothy explained that the consultations were at an early stage and there were a variety of Patient Consultation meetings which anyone could attend.  These are detailed on the Sunderland City Council website but can be easily accessed by Googling “Path to Excellence”.  They also mentioned that there is a particular emphasis on looking at transport links as this will underpin the success of any new location of services.

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