June 2018



Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed, it was agreed they were accurate and they were signed off by Dorothy.

Matters arising from minutes of the last meeting

Dr Gray confirmed that the Practice were doing ongoing changes to the Babblevoice telephone system and would explore, as part of this, the opportunity to put information into the system for patients to listen to while they were waiting in the queue. Dr Gray confirmed that Dr Jo Corner had started with the Practice and we had employed Dr Michie to work at the Practice as a Career Start GP.  In regard to the Patient Information leaflet produced by Sunderland GP Alliance, which we discussed at the last meeting, Dr Gray advised that she had written to the Alliance passing on feedback from our group.  She had received a very positive email thanking the group for its comments which they felt were most useful and advised that the correspondence had been passed to the relevant team for producing patient information. In regards to the disable toilet Dr Gray advised that this was being left open although it had led to more incidents where the toilet had been blocked, we believe by parents using it as a changing facility.  Dr Gray mentioned that she had explored the option of a RADAR key and asked the group for their experiences of this.  Mike felt that most patients with a genuine disability were likely to be aware of the scheme and that RADAR keys were being used widely in other facilities across the North East and were cheap to purchase.  A key could be left behind the Reception desk for other users.  Dr Gray agreed to look into the cost of putting a RADAR lock on the disabled toilet and discuss this further with the Practice Manager.

Local Survey

We discussed the format for this years’ local survey. Dorothy and Dr Gray had had the opportunity to review the emails sent by other members of the group which had been very helpful. It was agreed that the survey would be targeted to one specific area to allow us to aim for a more targeted survey which could be completed more frequently.  It was agreed initially we would aim for 2 short surveys a year.  We agreed the first survey would concentrate on telephone access and online access to services in order we might get feedback of patient’s experience of the new Babblevoice telephone system and look at any factors discouraging patients from using online services.  It was agreed in 6 months we would look at prescribing as our area of interest.  The Practice is in the process of taking back the responsibility for processing repeat prescription orders.  We agreed that we would keep the questions quite straight forward but also to leave a free text area to allow patients to leave their comments and suggestions. Dr Gray agreed that she would put a draft together and send it out for consultation as a first step to other members of the group. Once the questions were agreed Mike kindly volunteered to create a suitable document for printing.  The survey would be brought to the next meeting on 3 September for comment by the rest of the group with a view to conducting the survey in the final week of September or the first week in October.  It was agreed this would be a useful time. It was likely there would be increased footfall through the surgery for flu vaccination.  It was agreed as previously we would attempt to send a number out to patients directly and members of the group would also come into the Practice during the survey period and help patients in the waiting room.  This had previously had an excellent response rate.

Other Matters

Dr Gray explained that the Practice was taking back responsibility for patients repeat prescribing orders to try and prevent wastage. Experience across the city had been that many patients on a variable repeat had their repeat prescriptions ordered every month by the Pharmacist regardless of whether they were using it, causing wastage.  Dr Gray also mentioned that changes to the telephone system would mean that going forward it was likely that there would be one telephone number into the Practice with a pick list for services, compared with the 2 separate lines at present and details would need to go out in the patient leaflet once all staff changes had been finalised.

Next meeting is to take place on 3 September 2018

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