March 2018


Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed, it was agreed that they were accurate and they were signed off by Dorothy.

Matters arising from the last minutes

No further progress has been made on the Jayex screen. It was agreed that we should concentrate on volume  levels for the call in screen and Dr Gray agreed to investigate this further.

Practice Leaflet

Although the content of the leaflet had been agreed in a previous meeting, a reprint had been held off due to a short period of very significant changes in staffing. Dr Gray stated that there was a plan for a reprint once all the staffing changes had been made so that the leaflet would be up to date.

Telephone access

Positive comments were made regarding changes in the Babblevoice system, the ability to know where you were in the queue and the pleasant background music were mentioned. Rachel suggested that it might be possible to put some information on the system for patients to listen to while they were being held in the queue as happens with some banks and insurance companies.  Dr Gray agreed that this was a good idea, she agreed to explore this with the Practice Manager to see whether it was technically possible.

Staff changes

Dr Gray outlined the recent staff changes in the Practice. We have employed 2 new receptionists, Tracy our Health Care Assistant left for a new job in Manchester and her role has been taken on by Amber and the group gave some very positive feedback about Amber’s approach with patients.  The Practice will be saying goodbye to Dr Wallace who is retiring.  Dr Gray said they had recruited a new GP to replace him who would hopefully be starting at the beginning of May.  We had employed a Career Start GP who at present would be with the Practice for 12 months.

Local survey

It was agreed that we would proceed this summer with a local survey. It was agreed  it would not be as extensive as the previous survey undertaken due to the large  commitment involved but we would try to target this to 1 or 2 areas where the maximum impact would be felt.  The group have a number of ideas about where those areas might be including patient’s experience of Babblevoice, experience of the waiting room environment and it was agreed that they would go away and think about the areas which might be best explored and forward them by email to Denise who would compile them and we would agree at the next meeting in June the areas to concentrate on

Any other business

Mike brought along a Patient Information leaflet which had been produced by the Sunderland GP Alliance around the Sunderland GP Extended Access service. He felt that this leaflet was not clear and did not provide patient information to be useful and Dr Gray agreed on reviewing it that it did not appear to give clear information about the service.  Once everybody had looked at it, turned it over to look on the other side where they expected to find more information , Dr Gray agreed that she would feed back there comments to the Alliance.

Mike mentioned that on a couple of occasions when he has attended the surgery, the disabled toilet had either been out of use or been locked with a mention to collect a key at reception. It was discussed that this was also used as a baby changing facility, it might explain the plumbing problems we had been having as patients were often discarding nappies and wipes into the plumbing system.  It was agreed to be fed back to the Practice Manager to see whether we could leave the toilet open and whether a workable solution might be found.

Next meeting is to take place on 11 June at 5pm.  Confirmation of the date would be sent nearer the time.

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