September 2018



Minutes of previous meeting were reviewed and signed off as accurate by Dorothy.

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting

Dr Gray said that she had passed on the information about the RADAR key for the disabled toilets to Vanessa who was exploring the cost of installing this.

PPG Survey

We reviewed the survey form which Mike had produced and managed to condense to 2 sides of A4. It was agreed that a small change would be needed to provide standard for telephone answering time, although it was agreed by the group that there did not appear to be any clear signs available to us of what was acceptable.  However as a benchmark it was agreed we would ask patients whether their call had been answered within 3 minutes and Mike agreed to provide Dr Gray with an amended copy of the form.  We agreed to begin the survey in September, hoping to coincide with increased footfall during the flu season.  It was agreed that we would send out 200 surveys attached to normal correspondence to patients as a postal survey and that the PPG would come into the surgery waiting room and survey patients on the week beginning 24 September and the rota was agreed so that the entire week could be covered by different members of the group.  Deadline for collecting the completed surveys would be the 31st October and that would also be added to the form produced by Mike so it was clear for patients when the form had to be returned.  We would then collect them and Dorothy and Mike kindly agreed to analyse the data and input onto a spread sheet to be discussed at the next meeting on 12 November.

Any other business

As a group we discussed our own experiences of attempting to register for online access. Ted stated that he had to make 2 trips to pick the form up and then to return it to the surgery with appropriate ID and wondered whether it would be helpful if the form were available to be printed off from the website to allow patients to do this first and we agreed it would also be helpful if patients were aware that they needed to bring ID with the form.  Mike stated that he had some difficulty as the code that he had been using appeared to be incorrect and out of date.  He informed Vanessa about this and she said unfortunately she had no control over it and would pass the information on to EMIS.  However he is yet to hear from her and Dr Gray agreed that she would speak to Vanessa to resolve the issue.

Next meeting to review the results of the survey on November 12th at 6pm. All welcome.

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