PPG Minutes 2019




Minutes of previous meeting were reviewed and signed off as accurate by Dorothy. It was agreed that all matters arising from the last meeting had been addressed.

Alison is to check distribution list to ensure all emails are listed for participants of the group.

Survey Response

Discussed the success of the survey from the Practice’s point of view and how we are implementing it in practical terms. We discussed that we are encouraging patients to sign up for online booking of appointments and babblevoice. The group felt that we needed to have some form of help/tips for using babblevoice, what it is etc to support patients who may want to use it. It was agreed that a flowchart could be completed to place online and also it was thought a large banner type stand could be purchased to stand in reception to display help and top tips for patients to review whilst waiting to be seen.

Action for Alison to source prices for the banner and return to the group with this information for the next meeting.


Newsletter/Patient handbook

Can we include the information re babblevoice etc in the new patient handbook. Dr Gray said we will be doing a new practice leaflet however we are going to wait a couple of months as there are some changes that will happen which would mean if we did a leaflet now it would be out of date soon.


Text alerts

It was mentioned whether we could send text alerts to patients using free text when there are changes on the website to alert patients to those changes.

If we can give an update in the next meeting where we are with these changes and online uptake.

A5 leaflets

Previously the practice have given out “you said we did” leaflets to the patients on A5, we can going to action this again following an update on what we have completed from the survey requests findings.



Following on from the last meeting there was a request to try to get a radar key for the disabled toilet whereby all disabled people have a key where they can gain access to toilets that have this system fitted. Dr Gray has some prices for these which on average are approx. £250 for the lock and key and with fitting will be £400, so the plan is to see if we can gain some funding from maybe prescribing savings, to help fund this. There will be an update in the next meeting.


Progress with Altogether Sunderland

There are 2 arms with SLA, care in residential home and patients in their own homes who need care or are lonely. There has been 2 meetings for patients with care homes and this project is paid for by the Alliance, this was a pilot originally and we are on board with it fully.

We have regular meetings whereby the community matrons and District nurses attend along with adult services re city council, social services and care co-ordinator. This was the vanguard project in Sunderland originally.

Mental health appointments in children/adolescents

Quarterly meeting with mental health team and Age UK involvement, the practice takes a holistic approach on working together to support children.

There are different levels of mental health support for children and young adults, at a low level we can refer to Sunderland MIND for counselling and support.

At the next level is CAMHS- Children Adoloscent mental health services where there is approx. a 6 month wait list for appointments.

Lastly for more complex needs we can refer to CYPS eg for child protection incidents.


There was a discussion re pharmacists and whether we had or could have one, Dr Gray mentioned that we used to have a pharmacist here however we don’t at present and we need to get the cost of funding and what they can do for the practice in terms of getting the balance right.


No any other business

Next Meeting – Monday 13th May

Minutes and agenda will be emailed out.



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