Minutes April 2015

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Dorothy opened the meeting and welcomed our new members.

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting from February 2015 were reviewed and it was agreed that there was no need for amendment.

Matters Arising

The New Patient Information Leaflet for the practice has now been printed and copies were available today to view. It was agreed that the new leaflet was very crisp, concise, and the print was attractively displayed. It was agreed that the information available was helpful although Christopher pointed out that we had omitted to include the number of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead under useful numbers.

Coalfields Forum

Dorothy went on to discuss the response Aileen Sullivan, a member from Patient Public Involvement at Sunderland CCG, had to the questions she and Mike had posed at the Coalfields Forum regarding the changes to patient transport booking. The CCG were aware that booking took slightly longer but said that the Practice were free to opt out of this service and pass this on to another commissioned provider. It was stated that the care is necessary for the journey and that they are covered in the approval. It was noted by all that this does not seem to mirror patients’ experiences and it wasn’t clear from the answer who was to determine whether a Carer was necessary and whether that decision were to be made by the cared for, the Carer or the person filling in the booking form. Christine also raised the issue of insurance of the Carer during the journey and whether that would be covered by Public Liability.

With response to the questions which were possibly quite personal, the answer was that these questions were agreed from standard customer practise elsewhere in the country and that they were planning to incorporate patient feedback into the review process forward management.

There was also a question regarding repeat transport booking and why a separate form has to be filled in each time. Apparently if a patient’s eligibility hasn’t and is not likely to change, they can be flagged on the system as a prior approval. Dr Gray was not aware of this and said that she would have a look with her administration staff to see whether this could indeed be done and try and coach staff to do this.

Feedback with regards to other services in the community, Dorothy described her very recent contact with the Urgent Care Team and stated that the experience was a wholly positive one and she felt that the care she received was excellent. It had been prompt and very professional and she wished her comments to be recorded and passed on.

Christopher and Christine discussed their recent experience in the Walk-in Centre recently, particularly in light of the comments in the minutes regarding Kate Granger’s “hello my name is …” campaign. They said that when seen in the Walk-in Centre it was not always clear whether you were being seen by a Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner, that they felt the Clinicians were not always forthcoming with introductions with their name or role and name badges did not appear to be worn.

Friends and Family Responses

Dr Gray stated that unfortunately the response rate in March had been very low but on a positive note all responses had indicated that they would recommend the surgery to Friends and Family. There were no relevant comments added on this occasion.

Any Other Business

Dorothy suggested that the group might be interested in looking at improving resources to patients available around self-care. As David pointed out, although we provide information on the flat screen television about recommended units of alcohol, there is no specific information leading on from this about help available that patients could access themselves, should they have concerns. We agreed that there was limited space on the TV screen and that the information was simply to empower patients and possibly act as a trigger to opening conversations with Health Care Professionals. They might then be signposted in the right direction. Dr Gray did agree that it would be useful to make information available to patients about how to look after their own health. This might include a list of support groups, national organizations and perhaps also looking at leaflets. It was agreed as a first step that the group would go away and think about the sort of information that they feel would be useful and bring samples back to the next meeting for further discussion.

Mike asked whether there was anything that we would like to take forward to the Coalfields Forum Meeting and Dr Gray asked whether he would enquire whether anyone else was having difficulty with Repeat Dispensing and suggested that the comments about name badges at the Walk-In Centre could also be fed back. It was suggested that Mike and Dorothy might be interested in sharing good practice with other Patient Participation Groups and looking at projects that they have undertaken to see whether we might like to do some of the work in the surgery.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: provisionally Wednesday 1 July
(Dr Gray will confirm and send out further details).

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