Minutes July 2015

Minutes of
Patient Participation Meeting
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Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and agreed as correct. No amendments were suggested.

Matters Arising

Dorothy reported that she has had further correspondence from the North East Ambulance Service and patient transport booking. It is still not clear who would decide whether a patient required a carer to accompany them and there were also concerns about the process for ensuring patients who have ongoing long term eligibility for patient transport are flagged up to a separate questionnaire that has to be done each time. Dr Gray stated that she had rang the Appeals Team to clarify the situation and they felt that before a patient’s record could be updated, a GP would need to write confirming that the patient would have ongoing permanent eligibility for patient transport. Dr Gray said that she was exploring the option of a standardized letter that could be sent by the Practice once the patient’s records had been reviewed and there was an attempt to identify these patients opportunistically.

Managing Ongoing Conditions – Self Help

The group discussed what could be done in conjunction with the Practice to improve patient’s access to self-help material on the internet and also to improve awareness of self-referral pathways which are already available. Dorothy explained that the National Association for Patient Participation had already provided some leaflets which had been produced by patients in conjunction with NICE. Only members of the Association have access to these on the website and at present our group does not have membership. The newsletter from the National Association is distributed through the Coalfields Forum and at present it was not clear what the group would gain from joining the National Association and there was a considerable ongoing annual membership fee. We discussed some very good websites available on line, eg, Patient.co.uk and the NHS Choices site and that patients were not always aware of them.

Rachael Forbister mentioned that the CCG are about to do some work across the whole city on this issue and there is an initial meeting to be held in September to discuss this further. She agreed to copy Dr Gray in to the outcome of the meeting and it was agreed that we would wait to see what the citywide strategy would be before we agreed what the Practice might do to augment this and it will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

Report from the Coalfields Forum

Dorothy and Mike have recently attended. They have confirmed that there are ongoing problems in other practices with repeat dispensing but the feeling from other PPGs was that this could sometimes be related to individual Pharmacies. There were still ongoing problems with accessing Urgent Care Services despite reassurance from the CCG that this remained a walk-in service.

Mike discussed the Carer’s Card and at present they are looking for funding to redesign this to make it stand out and easy to identify in an emergency.

Rachael Forbister (Sunderland CCG) & Liz Allen (NHS ENGLAND)

Rachael Forbister and Liz Allen presented the work that they are currently doing to try and develop a telehealth text message support service for Carers across Sunderland and sought the views of the group. The main basis of the service is that the Carers identified as suitable by the Sunderland Carers Centre would sign up to a texting service and would receive regular texts asking about their well-being with a form of scoring. Once their score reached an agreed level this would trigger a call from Telecare offering support and signposting a possible crisis. There followed an interesting discussion about how this might be set up, what sort of supplementary questions might be asked, how this service might be individualised for particular patients, and some of the possible draw backs. Christopher Morton kindly agreed to provide ongoing feedback and will liaise with Rachael Forbister to do this in the future.

Any Other Business

Dr Gray mentioned that current Friends and Family Testing remained very positive. She had no negative comments to discuss and would simply bring forward the results from the last two months to the next meeting so that the group could look at a bigger sample of data.

Date of Next Meeting:- Provisionally Tuesday 29 September 2015

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