Minutes Jan 2015



The minutes from our last meeting were reviewed and it was agreed that no amendments were required.


Dr Gray brought along the results of the National GP Survey. These were very encouraging; 94% of patients would recommend the surgery, 97% said their overall experience of the surgery was good and 85% of patients said their overall experience of making an appointment was good. These compare very favourably with the local and national averages and on looking at all the other indicators, the Practice is doing very well when compared against both local and national responses. No areas of concern have been identified.

On looking at the figures in more detail, 80% are happy with the surgery opening hours, although this number was affected by a small but significant number of patients who were unaware of the Practice opening hours. Of those that were unhappy they were asked about additional hours they would like to see the Practice open for and no-one had requested Sunday opening hours. 97% felt they would like to have appointments after 6.30 although the surgery already provides this on one night each week, and 74% would like appointments on a Saturday and once again this is already available.

It was agreed that the results of the Patient Survey were positive and showed an improvement in the results that were published in July. It was agreed that no specific actions needed to be taken as a result of the survey and the Patient Participation Group were keen that the results be fed back to all staff. Dr Gray agreed that this would be done in the next Practice Meeting.


Dr Gray brought the results of the FFT but commented that the response from patients had been disappointing,with only a small number of respondents. 80% stated that they would recommend the practice to family and friends. Dr Gray asked Julie MacDonald to share her experience of the use of FFT in a secondary care setting and asked what she thought we might do to improve response rates. Julie said that the surgery’s experience mirrored the difficulties they had experienced in hospital with low response rates. It was agreed that the current site of the forms in reception, although placed prominently flat on the reception desk, proved difficult to find when she came in to the practice even though she knew they were available. Lynn mentioned in her workplace they had looked at this issue and found that information and leaflets that were placed in a vertical position were much more obvious. It was mentioned that the staff were trying to hand out the forms individually to patients during surgeries, but that this had provided surprisingly time consuming. Julie suggested that having a display of information about the patient feedback and actions we had taken, in the vicinity of the forms and the feedback forms, might encourage patients to feel their views were valued and encourage response. After discussion it was agreed that we would attempt to display the forms vertically and alter the TV message to make patients aware that the FFT forms were available. Dr Gray said that she would facilitate the option of putting all that information together on a stand somewhere in reception.

In the feedback box, there were also some responses which had come in on the tear off slip of the PPG Newsletter. The feedback was extremely encouraging and Dr Gray mentioned two points which had arisen from comments provided by patients, the first being around the narrow parking spaces in the car park which made it difficult to get baby seats out of the rear of cars. Dr Gray felt that this was a valid point, but unfortunately as the practice had to provide a statutory number of parking spaces , maximised on designing the extension, this would be a difficult problem to amend. However, there is parallel parking available opposite the surgery. Another comment was that a patient was unclear which line to ring for test results as our patient information leaflet currently states one line for appointments only and the other for prescriptions and general enquiries and we wondered whether test results should be specifically mentioned in the patient information leaflet to clarify how these should be accessed from the Practice.

We discussed the additional questions that can be added to the Friends and Family Test. At the moment the group did not feel there were any particular areas that needed further exploration, but Julie wondered whether we should give the patients the opportunity to nominate particular members of staff who provided a very good service on a named basis as she found in a hospital setting that this was a very useful exercise in maintaining staff morale and promoting a culture of excellence. Dr Gray agreed to take this back to the practice meeting for further discussion.


The group agreed that after providing the Patient Newsletter and the progress so far in our objectives was now complete. The group wanted to move on to the next action point which was updating the information available on our Patient Information Leaflet. This has not been reviewed for some time .Dr Gray had provided the group with copies of the current leaflet and it was agreed that much of the information now needs updating, particularly in light of recent staff changes. Dorothy and Mike had looked at this briefly prior to the meeting. Mike wondered whether we could simply provide a small credit card size summary of the practice numbers that could be kept and Dr Gray said that there was quite a large volume of core mandatory information which had to be provided on GP Practice Leaflets which would rule this out as an option unless provided separately which would have significant cost implications. Dr Gray agreed to provide Dorothy and Mike with a document containing all of the core information which the Practice needed to include in the Patient Information Leaflet and they agreed that they would head a small group to look at the layout of this and provide feedback. It was agreed that this would then be e-mailed to the wider group for critical comment. Arthur agreed that he would able to obtain and competitive quote for printing costs for us. Timescales agreed were that Dr Gray would provide the core information to Dorothy and Mike by the end of the month and then hopefully the further work would be available in time for the next meeting. The aim is to arrange printing of the leaflet before the end of March.

We had a brief discussion about the numbers of leaflets that should be required. Dr Gray agreed that she would try and determine the number of households that were registered with the practice. The leaflets are to be made available to new patients who wish to register and also existing patients. We discussed how the leaflets might be distributed in the most cost effective way. Some of the members of the group mentioned they would be prepared to do some leafleting in their local area on a voluntary basis if the Practice thought this would be useful.


Dorothy asked Dr Gray if any feedback had been received about the new Patient Transport Booking Service and Dr Gray said she had liaised with the receptionist who was responsible with this and the main issue seemed to be that the new patient transport booking form took considerably longer for the receptionist to complete with the patient. The receptionist felt that sometimes the qualifying questions did not seem very good at discriminating patients who common sense might dictate would obviously need patient transport and there also appears to be issues with escorts. She has had to refer patients on to the appeals number. Dorothy said that at the first forum meeting they were unable to get any clear answers as to whether there had been any patient involvement in agreeing the new criteria for eligibility for patient transport and it was agreed that she and Mike raised this issue again at the Coalfields Forum.


We discussed the Patient Leadership Course which is available to our members and has also attracted funding. Both Mike and Dorothy had looked at this and Dorothy felt that the course would not be particularly useful to her. After discussion with the course leader about the content of the she felt she already had a high level of skills in these areas, gained in her own work prior to retirement. Mike had found the dates and location of the course difficult to attend. It was agreed that the opportunity to attend the course would be widened to the group as a whole.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING:- provisionally booked for WED 25 February 6pm

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