2015/16    Practice  
  IncomeExpenditure Income  
FINANCIAL YEAR ENDED30/06/2015££    
Total per partnership accounts (page 3)1,090,590530,627 559,963  
Personal expenses  6,188    
Rent and rates (112,344)(44,982)    
Personally administered drugs (35,836)(13,509)    
Salaried GPs  (38,399)    
Locum cover  0    
  942,410439,92546.7% Expenses as % of income
Personally administered drugs 35,83613,509    
Other NHS Income 56,167     
Non-NHS Income 28,136     
Locally commissioned services 23,480     
Expenses on non-core income46.7% (50,314)    
  870,463403,120Profit therefore467,343 
Number of GPs     5 
Mean Earnings of all GPs in the practice  £93,469 

NHS England require that the net earnings of doctors engaged in the practice is publicised and the required disclosure is shown below. However, it should be noted that the prescribed method for calculating earnings is potentially misleading because it takes no account of how much time doctors spend working in the practice and should not be used to for any judgement about GP earnings, nor to make any comparisons with other practices. The average earnings for GPs working in the Grangewood Surgery in the last financial year was £93,469 before taxation and National Insurance. This is for 5 part time GPs who worked in the practice for more than 6 months.

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